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Strawberry Eyebag Removal

How does it work?

Eye bags: (Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty)

  • The treatment of eye bags involves the use of two different laser heads. The first laser acts in the same way as for Laser Lipo and inch-loss. This reduces the levels of fat in the area and tightens the skin. The fat cells are not damaged but simply emptied of the water, glycerol and fatty acids.
  • The second laser is used to penetrate very slightly deeper into the skin and is used to address the dark patches. The laser stimulates the body’s natural defence system, which in turn triggers mast cells to visit the area. These will also induce collagen remodelling and some elastin fiber remodelling, which can help the skin look more normal.

Why do we get them?

There are a number of factors that can cause eye bags to form. First, the fat around your eyes can place excessive pressure on the skin, ligaments, and muscles around your eyes, causing them to become loose. The extra fat then gets behind your eyelid's support wall, causing them to appear baggy. Baggy eyes can also occur when the skin becomes too relaxed, which results in too much skin in the area. In other cases, the eyelid's muscles become thickened. For some people, puffy eyelids can interfere with vision.

As you grow older, skin becomes thinner and less elastic. It is also a condition that can be hereditary. The bags under your eyes make you look older and create a perpetually tired look. With laser, non invasive cosmetic treatments,  your face can look younger and more alert.


WOW what a difference! I had a total of 8 treatments on the area under my eyes. The dark patches have now almost disappeared and I no longer have suitcases under my eyes, so my friends have stopped asking if I’m O.K or whether I had a bad night with one of my children. Fantastic and thank you.

Vanessa from Kent - 10th September 2009

I am astonished by the results of my eye bag treatments. As a man, I was aware of the dark patches under my eyes. Despite not liking them, I had grown to accept them as I had never heard of a non surgical way of getting rid of them.

After only 2, very quick treatments, I could already see an improvement. Now,
having had 8 treatments the results are dramatic! My wife said it has taken years off my appearance. Even people in the office tell me I look less tired and stressed, if only I really was!

I can highly recommend the Laser Lipo Eye bag treatment to any guy wanting to look better. I do want to add that if it had hurt at all I never would have had it done at all. Thank you.

Peter B - 12th August 2009